Bottled Water for Gyms

Gym goers drink a lot of bottled water and why not have your customer’s label and brand on the bottles?

Those who visit the gym, sports club or golf club are usually the most likely to drink bottled water. Gym goers drink a lot of bottled water and they often get it right from the gym where they work out. The combination gives you an irresistible market: custom label bottled water with your customer’s branding will potentially reach thousands of clients.  If yours is the only water in the gym, exercisers will just keep coming back for more. There are two different business groups who can take advantage of this: the fitness club, which can charge for their water and get advertising out there at the same time; and partner companies which may choose to give their water away for free (at the discretion of the gym) or sell it and split the profits with the gym. Most often though, you will see the gym providing the water at a small profit with big returns, so that’s what we will concentrate on.

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